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  • bradleyadmin March 24, 2015 pm31 1:21 pm .

    Thanks, Lisa!

  • lwilson316 March 22, 2015 pm31 5:50 pm .

    The web page looks wonderful!!!! I listened to a sermon that I missed while I was in the nursery, the sound and quality were very good! Thanks for all your hard work, it is a Blessing to many!

  • bradleyadmin March 11, 2015 am31 10:33 am .

    Glad you like it. Remind me to give everyone in church the password on Sat and Sunday!

  • suzette March 10, 2015 pm31 8:06 pm .

    Hey i like the pics in directory and it was easy to find the services. Thank you so much.

  • bradleyadmin November 3, 2014 am30 8:51 am .

    Thanks, Suzette. It’s great to know someone is looking at the site!

  • suzette November 2, 2014 pm30 8:02 pm .

    Sandy everything looks great on here. Keep up the good work. I love all the pics

  • bradleyadmin October 10, 2014 am31 9:30 am .

    Thank you, Suzette. It’s always nice to hear words of appreciation.

  • suzette October 10, 2014 am31 7:41 am .

    Thank you for your work on the web.

  • suzette September 21, 2014 pm30 9:51 pm .

    Thank you for pictures. The site looks good. I must of missed the hat pic. of Sandy.

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